When pictures leaked of Zac Efron on the set of Baywatch looking hella-ripped, it’s all the internet could talk about. But the actor has recently spoken out about his physique at the time, branding it “stupid”.

“That was actually a really important time to do Baywatch. Because I realized when I was done with that movie I don’t ever want to be in that good of shape again. Really. It was so hard. You’re working with almost no wiggle room. You’ve got things like water under your skin you’re worrying about. Making your six-pack into a four-pack. Shit like that that’s just not… it’s just stupid, it’s just not real.”

Well, we’re glad somebody said it. And it’s an important point to remember when we sees photos online; that most people’s bodies don’t look shredded to perfection on a daily basis. It’s just not achievable for people without tunnel-vision determination willing to sacrifice fun.

“Like I’m happy that it worked. I’m happy that it got me through it. I may do it again if it was something worthwhile but let’s wait’ til it gets to that. I’m good. Take care of your heart. Take care of your brain. I’m good.”

And honestly, we can’t imagine your brain is in a good place when you’re obsessed with excessive water consumption.

P.S. don’t bring back the highlights either.