The internet went off their trolley yesterday when it was allegedly revealed that Jeremy McConnell was packing a 10-inch monster that tore up some gal’s clunge like a bull in a china shop and she took herself to A&E because she thought she’d ruptured her appendix. So, we had a little Google search, and thought we’d share the closest thing to the D on the net — for now.

The model posed naked, with his hands covering the assault weapon with his hands, and one of those ugly indie white girl hats. You know the ones people like Fern Cotton wear, and say words like ‘awesome’. *Eye roll* Now, there’s two reasons to get the hat out of the photo. And in those ‘I’m a masc-bottom in Gran Canaria’ shorts. The ones that he wore for the lip-sync contenst, and everyone was pretending that they were looking at any other than his bulge.