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If ever there was someone in the world that was actually giving Bryan Hawn a run for his money in the thirst stakes, it’s bob sledder Simon…(*Googles name*) Dunn. It seems bob sledding don’t bring in the kind of fame he craves though, as he deemed taking almost all of his clothes off necessary for an exceedingly well lip-synched YouTube video. Leave it to the drag queens, darling. Does anyone know why he’s dressed like a Grindr profile from Brokeback Mountain? He’s like the one Heath Ledger would’ve had to get with if he hadn’t found Jake Gyllenhaal.

Being voted sexiest man in the world this year by Attitude, (while three quarters of the country cried out, ‘who?!’), obviously wasn’t enough of an ego boost. Either that, or he’s under the delusion that he actually is the world’s sexiest man, and not just the lucky victim of a miscount.

Still though, props for the cool ‘log lifting’ concept; that’s deep because the song is a metaphor for cutting down trees, but even Ke$ha deemed that idea too obvious. You can almost smell the pine cones, or is that desperation? The only thing sexier than someone naturally sexy, is someone that tries really hard to be sexy. While kitted out in cowboy attire. Looks like he was getting turnt up with that bottle of champagne, on his own, in a hot tub that could fit a rugby team.

Love the moustache Freddy! Though he’d probably preferred you put on a wig and a PVC skirt, rather than a gay masc bravado, and lip-synched like a real queen.

Unlike Hawn though, Dunn is a little less offensive with his approach. In fact, I’m sure he’s just enjoying the limelight, but what he needs is a friend that tells him to dial down the thirst, and not encourage him to stumble around the woods brandishing an axe in cowboy attire because the guy he went away with for a kinky log cabin fuckfest has told him that it was horny.

[H/T: Accidental Bear]