As if gay couples adopting wasn’t still a highly debatable topic among many people, there’s now a throuple that would like to bring a child – or three – into their life. The male triad, made up of Adam, Sebastian and Shayne are what’s known as a polyamorous relationship. I mean, whatever works for you. I can barely make it through a threesome without getting jealous. But if it works for them and they’re happy, why knock it — but is it alright to bring children into the equation?

They all work in the medical profession, and according to The Mirror, hope to conceive three kids with Seb’s sister’s eggs and Shayne’s sister as the surrogate. Wow, that sister must really love you, because I don’t know anyone that would let their vagina get ripped open three times without getting off, let alone without getting a screaming child for themselves.

Shayne and Adam (the two that look like brothers) met in some naff nightclub in Canada and totes hit it off. They got married. Three years later they met Seb, and got divorced so he didn’t feel like a third wheel. Talk about conventional… Now they talk about having kids:

They admit that it was just a “sexual experimentation”, i.e. a couple looking for a third to add some spice in between the sheets. And they saw Seb dancing to Gangnam Style and thought it was really cute (no, I’m being deadly serious). Not sure if anyone that dances to that song should be able to parent a child, but that’s a different discussion…

Adam says: “We just want to say that love is love. It should be multiplied not divided. It shouldn’t matter if you’re in a three-way or a four-way relationship.” HMM… Not sure about that one. Eight blokes that can’t hear their baby stirring because they’re having a gang-bang…

I’ve always said that if a child is safe, supported and surrounded by love, that anyone should be able to adopt. So is it OK to raise children under the influence that a three-way relationship is the norm? Or are we just pushing it now? And it’s not necessarily about gay or straight; as I feel two men and a woman in a polyamorous relationship would raise a number of eyebrows too. So, is three really a crowd?