If you’re single AF, you may want to look away now: as these bald eagles have not one, but two partners. The throuple, which consists of two male and one female bald eagles, have just hatched their second round of eggs.

Three newbies were born back in March and demonstrate that humans aren’t the only ones deviating from traditional relationships.

“Families come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s true for wildlife too!” wrote the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services on Facebook. “Meet Valor I, Valor II and Starr, a breeding trio of bald eagles that live along the Mississippi River in Illinois. For several years, fans from all over the world have been watching this nontraditional family through a webcam as the eagles deal with the trials and tribulations of parenting.”

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The history of how their throuple came to be is actually an interesting one: as Valor I originally inhabited the nest with a bird he knocked up called Hope. At this point, Valor I was a bit of a scrub; he didn’t hunt or guard their nest. Enter: Valor II. We’re not sure if he arrived of his own accord, or because Hope was sick of her original wasteman.

Valor II taught Valor I some parenting skills, and the two developed a bromance. Hope left after she was injured by other birds, but rather than leave too, the male birds stayed together and later found Starr to live with. Not to mention that the two male eagles met about six years ago: far longer than any relationship we’ve had.

I mean, this really sounds like some kind of reality TV series. And it might as well be, as their lives are live-streamed on YouTube. They are literally the Kardashians of the Mississippi woodlands.