These exclusive images show Bruce Jenner wearing a dress out his Malibu home. Though the entire world knows that Bruce is transitioning, the photos still come as a bit of a surprise. Having been married to Kris Jenner, and with six children – this whole scenario is a lot.




And can we just state, though these snaps are from a distance, it seems she is looks FINE. Can we see a smokey eye? J’adore, babes. Wonder if she uses Kim’s make-up artist. And loving the floor-length garms – very demure. And though they say a lady should never wear horizontal stripes, Bruce is pulling it off and then some. You know a girl’s already found her character with that sassy hand-on-hip while she smokes; sister got ‘tude. Cut to Bruce Jenner on Diane Sawyer serving Jessica Lange everything. We would die. DIE.

“Let me ask you a question, Diane… How does one hold such posterior when I wear a dress better than you?”

And what will her name be? Absolute face palm if it begins with a K. Anyway, we can’t wait to meet her – officially.