Andy Cohen


OK, so technically Andy Cohen is a ‘Dad’ but he’s definitely a Daddy in gay books. Lord, no wonder we’ve got so many issues, who makes up these terms? Anyway, the TV host was¬†serving James Bond/Daniel Craig realness on Miami Beach this week. But we wanna which queen is putting that smile on his face…

Wladimir Klitschko


WHO? Right. Ain’t hardly anybody in this world even able to say that name, let alone tell you who he is. Well, gets ta know. He’s a heavyweight boxer and Hayden Panettiere’s boo. You know that little chick who was the cheerleader in Heroes. You know, that program that everyone got a boner over and then stopped watching after the first series. Well, she just popped out this cute little sprog – and THIS in the baby daddy. Those are some good genes, if she gets her father’s height and her mother’s features, the modelling world best be checking over it’s shoulder.

ANYWAY, nuff ’bout future Kate Moss – that’s a DILF if ever we saw…