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At first glance, you may be thinking; stubble? yes. Tattoos? yes. Princess drag? Erm, say what mother-fucker? Yes, Jesse F Nagy is an actor from Michegan, but he’s not donning the Frozen get-up for fun, he wore the dress to the cinema/theatre with his niece because she she was too scared to wear hers on her own.



*Cut to every guy reading this swooning*

And to think, we just put on a dress after too many proseccos. Who knew there were so much better reasons? Obviously we’ll be jumping aboard the bandwagon that showers the uncle with praise, because it really is nice to see guys sacrifice a bit of pride for their family. There’s now talk of getting the actor on to the Ellen Degeneres Show – and you know that lesbian can make your career if she wants to! Note that her ‘gardener’ has since had nude selfies leaked, and rumours to have snagged a small cameo in Magic Mike XXL.

Hmmm… We wonder if he’s any good at acting… (or stripping).

Check out his Facebook page here.

[H/T: AntiTwink]