BY Anthony Gilét


On Saturday’s live X Factor show, after Lauren Platt performed, Simon went on to give her feedback, mistakenly calling her “Fleur”. While others laughed, Mel B went on to state “Fleur is black, Lauren is white”. Which has apparently caused uproar via Twitter.

I have one, very straight-forward question… Why? Fleur is black, and Lauren is white. Why is that a controversial statement? She was clearly taking the piss out of Simon for confusing the two names when they both look so different. Of course, he wasn’t literally mistaking Lauren for Fleur, but that’s where the joke arises from.

Is our society seriously too fucking dense to realise a harmless joke when they hear one? Or does everybody just want to argue about something or other. Mel B is clearly not a racist. And her comment doesn’t even even come close to the boundaries of racism. There wouldn’t have been uproar had she said “Fleur has brown eyes, Lauren has green eyes” so why is there when it comes to skin? It’s merely a perception of physical attributes, only commenting on their eye colour wouldn’t have been as funny, because it’s not as obvious.

If this is the shit some viewers think is “controversial”, they need to get out more. Go listen to some of the one-liners the drag queens in this city come out with. Go meet Jimmy Carr. Go see The Book of Mormon. Go, do something other than becoming a spokesperson for “equality” over an incident that only got media coverage because of your big uneducated wooden spoon. Too many people wanna play the victim these days; not everything is racist, homophobic or sexist. And similarly too many people wanna attack someone else just so they can look like a damn martyr. It’s really quite pathetic. Grow some back bone and stop taking everything so damn seriously.

Swear down, some people treat their life like it’s an exam. Chill. Have a Long Island Iced Tea.