Well those that have listened to Iggy’s album ‘The New Classic’ will already be familiar with the song. Thankfully, the teaming up of these two huge names wasn’t catastophe; although the video isn’t quite as on point. There was a lot of hype about what these two were gonna attempt to pull off – especially after they were papped on set in their leather catsuits. And it seems the answer was a cross between Kill Bill and Beyoncé and Gaga’s Telephone. And obviously, it surpasses neither.

If you’re gonna take inspiration from well known pop culture, you need to try and out do them. The video plays out more like a mini-film, and not really like a music video at all (at least Gaga and Beyoncé had an entire choreography sequence), which as two girls that haven’t done much acting is pretty ambitious.

Don’t get me wrong, they both look amazing, but that whole thing about the guy sending the sandwich back is some frail storyline. Literally, that shit weaker than Calista Flockhart on a windy day. I get the concept, but the execution could have been so much better. Living for the sassy mixed waitress though.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3u22OYqFGo&w=560&h=315]

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