STAND OUT. This week’s trend encourages you to go against the grain of summer stereotypes; pastels, colours and whites, and opt for a daringly dramatic look that makes you stand out like Elton John at a Rugby match. We’re talking head-to-toe black. Not only will you fade all those extras into the background where they belong but you’ll also be a stark contrast to your brighter surroundings. You wanna look like you’re in mourning. And you are; you’re mourning all those basic bitches that dress like they’re going to the Hamptons… When they’re really going to Hampstead Heath.
Let’s take Karl Lagerfield for example:


…Or better yet, Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions;


Now, that’s how you make a statement. Obviously, I’m not suggesting you go mincing through Soho Square with a giant fedora and LBD, but you see our point. Here’s just a few of our fave items that will help you pull off the look…

The Hat

Ostravize Oakland Raiders 9FIFTY Strapback - new-era-25 Ostravize Oakland Raiders 9FIFTY Strapback, New Era, £25

The Shades

 oakley-Hijinx rectangle sunglasses OO9021-135Hijinx rectangle sunglasses OO9021-135, Oakley, £135

The Shirt

 ASOS Smart Shirt in Longline with Short Sleeves-20

Smart Shirt in Longline with Short Sleeves, ASOS, £20

The Shorts


Criminal Damage ASAP shorts, Topman, £40

The Pumps

black-nike-blazer-footlocker-69.99Nike Blazer (Black), £69.99, Footlocker

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