It sounds like an audio menage a trois from heaven, as it does when any big names produce an unexpected collaboration. But more often than not, they flop harder than two bottoms trying to hook up. But the question is, does the latest from these three defy the usual outcome of a big name union?

Erm… Not really. The three of them already have such signature sounds, throw into that a backing that has more personality than Jessie J herself and it’s all a bit overwhelming. Ariana’s vocals are on point as usual and unsurprisingly Nicki’s rap is the highlight on the whole song, but it’s just not very catchy.

I feel like the three of them getting together was such a surprise to begin with, they could have at least delivered some dirty urban bass that would have complemented all their voices, rather than thrown in some big brass band it sounds like they’re competing with.

Well, maybe it’s a grower. Watch this space for a retraction in a couple weeks when I can’t stop singing it… Although I doubt it.


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