WORDS BY: Cameron Roffey

Whichever way we see it, the men of this world want to look intelligent (although perhaps not the ones at chill outs on a Wednesday afternoon). One way to do this is to complete multiple years at university, and become a doctor. However, not all of us have the time, money or patience to gain a doctorate. Help is at hand by implementing the phrase “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Something you can do with just one accessory; tortoise shell sunglasses; the epitome of geek chic in the men’s fashion stakes. And who hasn’t fancied a geek before, right? 

Dark Camel Sunglasses, H&M, £6.99

H&M offers this rather chunky pair of sunglasses in on-trend squared off fashion less than a tenner. The thick frames are heavy enough to worry those with slender visages, however can also add some much need angularity to rounder faces. With a light tint, they are a brash statement to match any summer outfit.

Vintage Renewal Mirrored Soho Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell, Urban Outfitters, £16


Urban Outfitters offers these rather fabulous glasses, with mirrored lenses. These pre-loved specs have that classic Soho style about them, as part of the “Vintage Renewal collection” they are in limited supply and only available on the internet.

Ray-Ban Keywhole Wayfarer Sunglasses, ASOS, £98


These Ray-Bans are perfection, and with a quality that will last forever (unless you sit on them). They are just subtle enough to fit in with a whole range of summer outfits, but are instantly recognisable due to their classic Wayfarer shape. 

Maple Tortoise Venezia Sunglasses with Pure Brown Lenses, Opumo, £250


Although Opumo stocks a vast variety of sunglasses, these Garrett Leight specs are hard to ignore. With a very subtle tortoise shell pattern and gorgeously detailed gold legs, this pair is divine. With components made in Italy and Japan, these are truly an investment piece, which will last forever.

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