Despite Lily Allen saying her new material wasn’t exactly the kind of stuff she personally wanted to release, her new single, and title track of her album, Sheezus is totally catchy. We weren’t really sure Lily was going after ‘Air Balloon’… we hoped not off into the clouds with it. Fortunately, she made up for that tragedy of a track with this one.

In the video Lily is seen singing along with illustrations over her face, until the end when she is ‘reborn’. It’s a pretty simple video idea, but that’s probably in keeping with the ‘don’t wanna be compared’ tone of the song. What really sells the track are the tongue-in-cheek lyrics (which Lily Allen is the fucking Sheezus at) and catchy backing. We’re loving.

“Give me that crown bitch, I wanna be Sheezus” Genius.


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