Forget the slap between Will Smith and Chris Rock, we’re living for this clip of Lady Gaga telling Caitlyn Jenner she’s “changed baristas”.

While attending the Oscars party for the Elton John AIDs Foundation in West Hollywood the ex-athlete and reality star approached Gaga, asking if she was still “around Malibu anymore?”

To which Gaga bluntly replies, “yes”.

“I haven’t seen you in Starbucks in a while”, Caitlyn grapples for some common ground.

While Gaga replies, “Well, I changed barista”. And the look in her eyes as she says it, is pure 100% shade. (Trust us, we should know).

And which point Caitlyn says, “Well good seeing you”. Babe just go. You can’t surely expect to have said all of the stupid republican shit that you’ve said and still have people like you.