Going Up: Gingers


We simply have to applaud this – mainly because most of them having been waiting for it their whole lives, but the ginger’s time is now here. Of course, many people have a ginger “fetish”, so to speak, but a new exhibition capturing attractive redheads has made a few more us step back and appreciate them a little more. I personally quite like a ginge on the odd occassion. I’m guessing the only downfall is that the ‘average Joe’ seeing it may feel slightly more down-hearted, as now not only is he ginger, but in comparison to these boys, he’s ugly too.

Going Down: Dark Rooms

Dark rooms are so 2008, I’m surprised that some clubs even still have them. Cruising spaces I guess are a little more understandable, but why would you wanna put your dick in something when you can’t see it’s face? Chances are you get so buzzing that it seems like a good idea at the time (mainly because you’re so horny you’re about five seconds away from molesting Ruth the security guard), then get felt up by a chubby unemployed 50-year-old and leave feeling like you’ve just prostituted yourself – except you’re still broke.

Going Up: Peanut Butter


Since darker (and marginally colder) nights took over, it’s become a lot more tempting to stay in – throw into that SAD, holiday blues and Christmas adverts and staying in bed for 12 hours a day with countless spliffs is just inevitable. But obviously we don’t wanna get fat just yet, the festive period hasn’t even officially started yet. Cure the munchies with peanut butter – it stimulates the same neurotransmitters as chocolate and biscuits. So while it’s still relatively high in fat, at least you get protein and don’t feel so guilty the next day.

Going Down: Mephedrone

The drug of choice amongst many gay people, particularly those on the scene. But the fact of the matter is that we don’t actually know the harmful effects of this drug – but one thing is certain – like cocaine, it rots the tissue in the body. Now health horror stories don’t make stop something – especially if it’s sending me to the moon and back for £20, but allow affecting my looks. It’s really not about being 30-years-old and looking like your face has fallen apart like Tara Reid’s vagina.

Going Up: Hostages


This new US drama/thriller is going from strength to strength each week. The plot centres around Dr. Ellen Sanders, who along with her family, are taken hostage in their home unless she agrees to kill the president when performing his surgery. But, obliviously things are never quite that simple with big American shows. Toni Collette, Dylan McDermott and Tate Donovan lead a stellar cast that intensifies the drama each episode. I can’t help but wonder where it’ll lead, but that’s part of it’s intrigue… If you’re a bit slow off the mark on this one, it’s only three episodes in so you can stream online without missing the boat completely. 

Going Down: Slutty Selfies


The slutty selfies trend started a few months back when shameless over-confident over-exposure became for some reason acceptable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for flaunting what you got – especially if you worked hard for it. But at least try and act natural, or even coy – but nope, protruding back-off, perma-pout and lacy lingerie (if that) is the way our favourites starlets have gone. The main perpetrators are Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Nicki Minaj, but even Ke$ha recently jumped on the wagon. And you know when Ke$ha boards a trend, it’s time to find a new fad.