Danny O is the most recent hunk to join the cast of The Only Way Is Essex. And it seems I’m not the only one doey-eyed… As one of my friends so brazenly put on Facebook: “Lucy is one lucky gal, bouncing up and down on him every night.”

TOWIE got very scripted and they sacked a lot of the good people (it was hard to recover after Amy Childs and Lauren Goodger moved on anyway), so I stopped watching it for a while. I checked in to The Only Way Is Marbs just to see what was up – and after seeing Danny I think y’all can guess what was UP. Other than the Essex-based model providing some much needed eye candy (Kirk definitely needs to make a comeback), not much had changed; Lucy got MEGA-hot, Mario is still an absolute wanker and I would still rather floss my teeth with Gemma Collin’s pubic hair than look at Arg’s burger nipples.

Dan’s much better for Lucy than Mario (not hard) and seems like a genuine guy. And I love his tattoos. #BonusPoints

Let’s oggle some more…




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