Their latest parody is Queen B-eyoncé

Their latest parody is Queen B-eyoncé

How did The Queens of Pop start out?

Well, we’re brothers and basically I was in a band, where we did rock music and comedy, and Jim was a drag queen. So we were both going around doing stuff on our own and then we decided to put our heads together and come up with something a bit more commercial.

So what made you wanna go into comedy and parodying celebrities?

Well, we were both doing comedy on our own. And the first five or six characters we did were original characters anyway, they weren’t celebrities. But we had an idea to do a musical sketch show but then we thought, ‘who’s gonna watch this?’ so to reach a wider audience we decided to do parodies; because people already know the characters and the songs. So it was kind of a commercial decision to do the parodies to switch people on to the other stuff you were doing.

Yeah, of course. And did you have any idea that your videos were gonna be as big as they were?

We hoped that they were gonna be big! But no, we didn’t expect it to be this big. We’ve done shows all over the country, we’ve been to Gran Canaria; everywhere in the past four/five weeks and we’ve got the next four/five months in the diary already so it’s gone crazy.

Yeah because your Atomic Kitten one has like nearly half a million views…

Yeah that’s just on our player too, somebody else has posted it on YouTube too and that’s got another 100,000 views.

That’s good, so you’re getting views from other people’s pages too…

It’s on our Facebook page as well, and the channel itself is over a million now, so yeah it’s gone crazy.

And how does it feel to have real popstars potentially and probably having seen your videos?

Well we know H from Steps has seen our videos, ‘cause he actually tweeted about the Girls Aloud one saying he loved it but he’d not seen the one we’d done about him. He said it was a bit harsh but he’s got a sense of humour. We know Kerry Katona’s seen it, and we think she thinks it’s a bit harsh, but she likes it. It’s all fun you know, I’m sure if someone did one about us we’d laugh.

How do you come up with the lyrics?

Well, we’re just doing it today actually. We just kind of sat in the kitchen, drinking coffee and ‘cause we’re brothers we’ve got a very similar sense of humour. And my older brother Jim,  when we were little he was always changing the lyrics of the songs, and I’d be like ‘stop changing the lyrics!’. We’ve done loads today, we’ve done Beyoncé, Pink, Tulisa.

That was gonna be one of my questions! Who’s next…?

We’re undecided yet, we’ve got a lot of different options. So we’re filming something soon, maybe two this week.
You’re performing on the main stage at Pride, aren’t you?

Which one?

How many are you doing?!

[Laughs.] We’re doing loads, we’re doing London, Manchester, Northern Pride, hopefully Liverpool Pride. We’ve got loads…

That’s great, and are you excited about the London one?

We’re doing two shows at London Pride actually, we’re doing the main stage at Summer Rites and we’re doing the cabaret stage too – so we’ve got two shows that day, which is brilliant.

And what can we expect from your performance, will it be stuff we’ve seen before or new material?

‘Cause when we do a full show that we do in nightclubs and stuff like that, we do a few outfit changes but when we’re doing the Pride festivals we’re gonna have a few new songs in there, and we’re gonna condense it down. So we’re gonna be working on that in the next couple weeks. We’ve got fifteen minutes to showcase ourselves so everyone can see what we can do.

So you’ve basically got like 15 minutes to throw in a mash-up of everything…

That’s right, yeah.

We’ve heard a rumour that you’ll be on the stage the same time as Atomic Kitten, is it true?

It might be true!

Not revealing much, so we’ll have to wait and see then!

[Laughs.] So do you need any topless pictures of us?

Haha! You can send some over if you want!


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