Tom Bridegroom.

Wow. I, for the first time in a long while, am actually speechless. Wow. This video is truly moving, thought-provoking and seriously intense. Dividing people across the world in their opinions, I’m actually annoyed at myself that I hadn’t seen this sooner to be honest. Yes, it’s 10 minutes long – that was my initial shock, but the thoughts it will leave you with after will last a much longer time than that. Take 10 minutes out of your life (or off an episode of TOWIE – everyone knows the scenes with Bobby are absolute wank anyway, would literally rather watch Dulux) and give it a watch. My nostrils started wavering around the three minute mark, but what followed later was an emotional Niagra Falls.

WARNING: If you’re watching this on a comedown, hangover or any other fragile mental state – you WILL need tissues. And you will need lots of them.


God Bless, Shane Bitney. And Rest in peace Tom Bridegroom.