While in previous years, we’ve enjoyed films about gay love and gay heartbreak (Brokeback Mountain, The Weekend) – now comes a new film that addresses a different kind of homosexual pain. The trailer for ‘Drown’ looks quite uncomfortable and definitely more complex than a simple random homophobic attack. And between a dangerous concoction of alcohol, drugs, fear and lust a night out for three young lifeguards, takes a terribly disturbing turn.

Dean Francis who will be taking on the movie (formerly a play), said “It shocks me to know that this subject is so taboo, and that this level of homophobia exists purely because of ignorance and fear.” While the film already has this trailer, it’s still got a a fair bit of production to go through, and I’m told that funds are still needed to be raised for editing/scene re-shoots.

“I want Drown to start uncomfortable conversations within communities, I want people to watch, be horrified and learn – who knows, our film might make a difference!”.

Kudos to Francis. If there’s anything we can do in this world, it’s make a difference by putting our mind to it. And by the looks of things, this will surely get tongues wagging.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/41256853 w=400&h=300]