Are straight people OK? That’s a genuine question.

We’re baffled as to how somebody thinks its OK to be so openly homophobic while at work, and knowing they’re being filmed?

That’s some deep-rooted hate, clearly, this guy wants to get pounded so badly.

The scene unfolded at a KFC drive-thru in Illinois, where the fast food employee called two DoorDash employees “f**king queers”.

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When they informed him he could lose his job, he said he “didn’t give a fuck”. So we can only imagine he’s skipping his way to the Job Centre. Well, gleefully waddling, at least.

KFC said: “The behaviour of the team member in this video is completely unacceptable, and the team member has been terminated.”

We hope they mean Arnold Schwarzenegger “terminated” and not just fired. This is obviously the result of what happens when two cousins procreate.