[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEJXo01zzmo]

Firstly, I’m aware that I make the occasional literary mistake, (it’s been brought to my attention on more than one occasion, what can I say? “I’M BUSEHH!”) but “F U Betta” is just plain bad grammar, what is she, texting?! Even so, get predictive text honey!! But I’m LOVING the song! I quite like the video too, although few criticisms; writhing around in black ink is SOO ‘Christina Milian 2004’. And some of those moves are looking a little X-RATED, save something for the bedroom! I’m in two minds about her hair… It’s very Kimber Henry (Nip/Tuck) meets Ronald McDonald. But I’m definitely swaying more to a thumbs up, and when it’s loose I’m seeing resemblences of Ke$ha, although a thousand times better.
The only parts of the song I don’t like are the verse starts which sound a little ‘euro-pop’, lay these lyrics and beat into some underground dirty bass and bitch be a club hit!! I like her “she’s prettier than I’ll ever be… but I can love you better” – What she’s saying is, you girls may be pretty, or have the most ripped bodies, but you can’t turn it out in the sack like me. Respect to her confidence. Although take that “I can love you better baby” at the end – out the back door, that’s where the trash goes.