Amazon series The Boys recently announced that their fifth season would be their final, but as you’d imagine they plan to cram as many WTF-NSFW scenes in as possible.

In episode 2 of season 4, a fully nude Rob Benedict self-replicates himself to face off against Frenchie, Butcher, Mother’s Milk and Kimiko. A process that showrunner Eric Kripe described as “unbelievably complicated” to shoot.

Given that it was Benedict shooting each version of himself separately.

He continued, “The nudity, honestly, he’s actually wearing a prosthetic penis. So for what it’s worth, it’s more like a speedo with just a rubber penis in the front, just because he had to go eight days like that”.

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And if you were duped, we’ve learned that the pubic hair kinda gives it away. (It’s the same as Josh Hutcherson in Future Man, which come to think of it, also featured a nude replica of the actor).

That was also never going to be unusually NSFW for The Boys, so they added a scene where the Rob replicas rim themselves, just like – yep – Human Centipede.

I swear one of these days I’m going to actually have to watch this show.

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