Apparently, Tommy Lee’s full-frontal stunt on Instagram was just a teaser – or, promo, if you will – for Lee’s latest venture: amateur porn. 

The drummer who infamously had a sex tape with actress Pamela Anderson, and then posted a photo of his penis to the social media app two weeks ago, is joining OnlyFans

Clearly, Lee loves the attention he gets from being naked, so why not make a buck from it? 

The Motley Crue musician explained that he had shared the snap – which was later deleted by Instagram – after going “on a bender”.

Tommy has not (sch)long turned 60, and said in a video on Instagram: “Join me over at OnlyFans because […] I’m tired of Instagram policing our bodies”. 

No complaints here. 

Earlier this year, Tommy & Pammy‘s sextape saga was turned into a dramatised TV series, which saw scenes of Tommy talking to his penis.

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