Now, if you’ve been paying any attention to the new miniseries Pammy & Tommy, you’ll probably be aware that there’s one scene in particular that everyone’s talking about.

‘Talking’ being the operative word, as in one scene, Tommy Lee’s junk (or rather the prosthetic that Sebastian Stan is wearing) starts talking to him. Although, we’re pretty sure that having your brain take advice from your dick never ends well. And if dick ventriloquism wasn’t enough, viewers are in fact treated to full-blown puppetry of the penis, as it moves in action.

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Now, if it was his real penis, that would be impressive. Honestly, we weren’t expecting to see these kinds of scenes on our Disney+, but

Pammy & Tommy revolves around the leak of the celebrities sex tape which spawned a plethora of other celeb nude leaks.

The best bit was seeing Pammy’s face of thirst staring at it; well she is partial to some plastic.

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