The pandemic gave many us chances to start over and often pursue a new career; and honestly, who wants to sit in an office when they can be stroking cocks of the fit and famous all day?

Like many creators, Luke started his OnlyFans during the pandemic, when he adopted the persona Mr Male Massage; well it’s certainly good for SEO.

“I’ve always loved receiving massages and thought it would be something I would be good at. So when the whole world was going though a huge pandemic I thought it was the perfect time to get trained up and become my own boss,” he tells us.

Although Luke practices massages outside of his NSFW platform, he says that his more well-known clientele like Tom Daley didn’t receive the happy ending… Ah Tom, that’s the best bit. He’s also worked with a number of C&C faves: Jake, Josh Moore and Mr Britain.

Regarding what makes a good massage, Luke tells us, “warm up the body with gentle strokes initially before going in with pressure. Get connected and feel the energy. Whether that’s erotic or therapeutic massage. Sometimes the most pleasure can come from the build up.”

So yeah lads, a friendly reminder not to skip foreplay.

When it comes his favourite client, Luke tells us, “it’s hard to pick one”… we can imagine. “My favourites are the ones where me and the guy have the most sexual chemistry”.

Luke is also married to former Olympian Matthew Mitcham. “We met in Sydney through mutual friends in recovery. We didn’t think much of each other initially, but a year later we saw each other and reconnected”.

Well, what can we say, Matthew’s in good hands.

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WATCH: Fuzzy Jake gets a rub-down from masseur Luke