Prolific porn star Josh Moore sits down for 10 questions with Cocktails & Cocktalk, so his fans can get to know him a little better…

Who was your first scene with and what was it like?

My first scene was with Thomas brand, he is the most beautiful daddy and it was an amazing scene, he made me feel so comfortable and I had such a crush on him and still do now 

What does your typical Sunday look like?

Sex, dog walks, cycling, cheat meals and movies 

How often do you have sex?

At least twice a day

What’s the biggest turn-on in a guy?


Have you ever been in love? 

I think so, but I’m not really sure I fully understand what love is 

What’s the biggest misconception about you?

People think because I’m a porn star that I party all the time and go to chill outs, but that’s the opposite of who I am, you wouldn’t see me caught dead at a chill out. 

How did you get into porn and do you see an end-date to being in the industry?

Bitch I’m going to be like Cher, I’ll be in the industry until I die! 

What’s your biggest fear? 

Working a normal job and only having 1 holiday a year!

When did you last cry? 


Tell us about a time you had sex that you still wank about…

Paris 2019, the setting was a bath house, and I’m sure I took loads from every single guy in the place 

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