A video that shows a guy working out at the gym, with an unusually low-hanging bulge has gone viral on TikTok, having been viewed over 27 million times at the time of writing.

Uploaded by the user @dtownbrown123, he even managed to get a short of it from the back… where the man in question can be seen with what looks like a pendulum in between his legs, prompting many TikTok users to question why it was swinging.

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@dtownbrown123 #freakofnature #dingaling #workingout #3rdlegday #legday ♬ Some Cut (Explicit Version) – Trillville

Other comments included, “I tripped on it running to the comments”.

And, “They must have forced him to purchase the 22.99 membership since he has a guest with him every time”.

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