Perhaps Lil Nas X should change his name to Big Nas X, given the lyrics in his latest song Trust Me where he raqps about a ‘magnum’ condom on the floor.

“Grindr sessions sextin’ with faceless accounts / Bringing’ bodies in me, then sneaking them out,”

As he continues, he looks even further back in time: “Back in middle school, I was fiending for d-ck / 7th grade, sending my homies some pics / Daddy never knew what I did as a kid / He would’ve crucified me.”

In the second verse, talking about his current day activities, “Yeah, I wrap it up for the most / Magnum wrappers on the kitchen floors.”

However in the intro to Montero, Nas previously suggested he was a power bottom, so its not clear if he’s talking about his own pole or that of his partners.