While there’s been some backlash to supporting straight men on OnlyFans, we think it’s perfectly fine, as long as they are respectful of our community and not attempting to gay-bait us.

(We don’t care if they actually identify as straight as long as the content is as gay as they suggest it is, or there’s a transparency about how it’s not).

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However, there’s a new trend that we just find baffling; (mostly) straight men photoshopping their bulges into a size that is just laughable. And not just because of the bad editing.

There’s actually nothing wrong with these men’s dicks to begin with, but they know if they can exaggerate their bulges or put dildos in their pants that they will get bucket-bottom-Twitter to retweet.

Needless to say, users report that once signing up to their OnlyFans, they either receive mostly “teasing” content with very little action, and quelle surprise, dicks that aren’t 14-inches long.

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They’ll also often use captions like “only bottoms can RT this” to make their appeal for the pink pound that much more precise.

Though dickfishing for cash isn’t honest, an element of blame goes to the people who are falling for it, and more sadly, paying for it.

Spoiler: If the wrinkles in the briefs look odd, it’s probably not real.

Here are the worst offenders:

Shreds (aka BentzFitness)

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WYATT CUSHMAN (aka DicedAustin/ShreddedAustin)

Long Johnny (aka BigJohnny007)

Doctor Mike (Aka: MikeVIP)

What in the panini pressed penis is going on here?

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