In 2021 it’s hard for most level-headed people to believe that “girls/boys toys” are still a thing. Well, to be honest, they’re not, but that’s exactly what the internet is bickering over today.

Ryan Kaji – a child YouTube star who reportedly earned nearly $30 million last year – inspired the trend of parents posting pictures of their sons using kitchen sets, according to Pink News.

With one user allegedly writing: “DO NOT buy your son a kitchen set for Christmas… get him a toolset… don’t put the wrong ideas in ya son head at an early age.”

The wrong ideas, like that he’s going to have to cook for himself? Or are you getting him a personal chef for Christmas next year? Or will it be an arranged marriage with a poor girl that was taught her role in life is to be a housewife? How do we start a petition to remove social media from people with only half of a brain?

Somebody then shared one of the images to Twitter, mocking people on Facebook having a “full-blown gender war”, and that’s when raptress Cardi B stepped in.

“The fact that Ryans world the little boy from YOuTube make millions and he have a kitchen set like this and y’all worry about if this gay or not. Stop being so close-minded and dumb,” said Cardi.

Her sentiment was echoed by dozens of people, who not only ridiculed the post for its blatant homophobia and misogyny but also the obvious… men cook too.

“Imagine believing gender was assigned to cooking…. also I can’t believe people still use Facebook,” wrote Tasha. Here’s some more of our favourite opinions:

Just in case you’re still not getting it, here’s a little infographic to help illustrate:


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