A Tuscany-based priest told parishioners that he was collecting money for low-income families, and then spent the money on chemsex drugs, it’s been reported.

Over the last two years, Father Francesco Spagnesi, (or is it ‘daddy’ instead of Father now?) is said to have hosted over 200 people at gay sex parties, who police are now interviewing.

Now an investigation is underway after Spagnesi’s flatmate smuggled a litre of GHB in from the Netherlands.

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It’s believed the two would use hook-up apps to invite men for parties and then provide the drugs. How many Hail Mary’s is it for stealing thousands of Euros from hundreds of innocent people to buy illegal substances and snort them off the hard cocks of strange men?

A parish accountant also recently found that €100,000 was taken from its account, which police had believed was used to buy drugs. (For those wondering where their money for the collection plate goes… it’s drugs and sodomy).

Imagine stealing 100k’s and still having a flatmate? Damn.

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Locals report they had respected and liked their Father before the incident but will now make claims for their money back.

Spagnesi’s lawyer, told The Times last week that Spagnesi had confessed to supplying drugs at the parties and would confess to taking church funds.