You may think that a pair of swimming trunks which dissolve in water defeats the point, but that’s just until you realise the outcome is a naked guy with no fabric to protect his modesty.

Seemingly being marketed as ‘prank shorts’, the trunks are given to unknowing lads who’s swimwear proceeds to disappear, leaving them naked and embarrassed. Honestly though, just imagine the promo videos if they’d gone for a Raging Stallion production style. If we were on the marketing team, we’d suggest getting a bunch of hot OnlyFans guys together, all wearing the shorts, and whoever’s dissolves last has to be the centre of the bukkake. Just sayin’.

The actual video is obviously much tamer. Posted to Lad Bible, the clip shows a guy being pranked on his stag do and then leaving the sea clutching his modesty.

Although there’s definitely a fault in the production, wasn’t there still a thread left?

It reminds us of those TikTok transitions where they click their fingers to make their clothes disappear.

The shorts are available for £39.99 and come with ‘STAG’ written down the side.