Words: Ben Pulsford

Seriously, if you work out at this OnlyFans star’s NYC gym, take our advice and just veto the workout entirely. Head straight to the changing room – ’cause if porn star Andre Donovan‘s in there, there’s a chance your daily pump will be far, far more intense (reps and sets).

In fact, he’ll slam your locker doors shut.


New York-based porn actor Andre is a self-confessed exhibitionist who loves playing in public, especially at the gym. In fact, he told us: “I’d fuck at the gym everyday if I could.”

If he could?!

“I get so horny at the gym. I don’t know why. I love showing off in the locker room and I would fuck at the gym everyday if I could. I’ve definitely fucked or gotten head a few times there. Even fucked a locker room attendant in the shower area one afternoon. I was drying off and he kept staring, so I figured hey stop playing and let’s do this.”

How’s that for some job satisfaction?

And Andre’s antics don’t stop at the gym. When asked about the wildest place he’s had sex, Andre told us: “Department store dressing room (Macy’s and JCPenney on 2 separate occasions).” FYI, we’ve been in Macy’s changing rooms – sadly, not with Andre, or doing anything than other than clothes we couldn’t afford – and that is not an easy feat to pull off without getting caught.

Here’s the plot twist re this OnlyFans energizer bunny – he’s an absolute babe… an angel in the streets, devil in the sheets type (OK, sometimes literally a devil in the streets too).

The adult performer – who is also a recording artist and actor – has created quite the OnlyFans hub for himself. He said of his OnlyFans account: “It’s currently over 300+ vids and pics of me fucking other content creators and porn models, plus some fun solo stuff of me showing off in my apartment and various locker rooms.”

Right, so how do you get this guy’s attention if you’re hanging around said locker rooms? Don’t worry NYC hunnies, we’re pro journos and got your backs (and butts). We asked Andre what he looks for in a guy and he said: “Bubble butt, muscle thighs, and a sense of humor.” So form an orderly queue and maybe take a Dramamine beforehand.

Watch an exclusive video of Andre Donovan pounding a hot twink in a jockstrap:

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