Just days after the announcement of a Queer as Folk reboot, and then-twink Charlie Hunnam is now celebrating his 41st birthday. If they really want to do the series justice, they’d bring him back with a daddy cameo and a full-frontal scene to boot.

It’s been two full decades since we first became addicted to Charlie seeing his bare smooth ass get licked in Queer as Folk. Let’s give his perfect buns some praise. Most recently he got naked in True History of the Kelly Gang and there’s been plenty of hot naked Hunnam action in-between.

He is best known for starring in Sons of Anarchy and with cheeks like that, we’d cause anarchy in that hole and have him call us daddy. He’s now considered to be Hollywood A-list, and we’re sure that his juicy buns are only in part responsible… We’d (Pacific) Rim those any day.

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