There’s a number of reasons that men may want to venture into skirts; the most predominant being its lack of restriction.

But more than comfortable, and surpassing ‘drag’ or ‘androgynous, are they fashion? GQ agrees that they are. Although it should be noted that it’s a question which been asked repeatedly in the last 5 years, but something feels different this time around.

Gender-bending and pushing the taboos of traditional fashion has always been part of the narrative of runway fashion, but as gender fluidity is more widely accepted and outdated ideals rejected, is now the time for a mainstream trend?

I had ordered a couple skirts the other day for some comedy sketches that I’m doing. When I tried them on to see if they fit, I actually thought they looked pretty peak. All other aspects of the outfit were “male”, which provides balance when one time is so associated with the opposite gender. But also… it was really damn comfy!

We’re obsessed with this entire look from

Although it takes a bold person and the right event to carry this look off seamlessly. We also believe that skirts can be more playful, and casual this summer.

For those brave enough to vanquish the stigma, we expect to see pleats, trousers/formal, and A-line styles.

The world isn’t quite ready for the resurgence of the 00s mini-denim skirt… especially with a pair of balls hanging out the bottom.