Straight-identifying men have taken to Reddit (where else?) to share the gayest things they’ve ever done, and it’s an interesting read. (We were hooked far longer than the Da Vinci Code put it that way).

Some are quite innocent, while others are… well, pretty damn gay.

“I had sex with a guy. Turns out I’m only into anal when it’s with a chick,” confessed one user. Well, doesn’t hurt to try it out does it?

“I had a dude suck whip cream off the tip of my penis,” writes one guy. And we agree with the respondant, it’s the whip cream that makes it gay.

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“Definitely have kissed a couple dudes at the bar though, these things happen.” Yes, yes they do. not as often as they should though.

“I was at a gay bar with some gay friends and this young guy wearing a friggin suit walked up and asked me for a dance. I told him I wasnt gay and he said “I just came out and I want my first dance to be with someone beautiful. So I did a slow dance with the dude and went on my way.”

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“I  had my best friend suck my dick when I was drunk once. Knew I was straight about 2 seconds in.” I mean, a mouth is a mouth, that was probably just gay shame.

“Stranger i a hostel jacked off next to me and I waited it out so I could pick up our conversation again.”

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“I once held hands with a gay male friend at a party because he was ridiculously handsome and he wanted to discourage a stalker girl who wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

One guy writes a touching story about how he gave his gay friend a “bro cuddle” – which translates to spooning – after his dad died (and he didn’t want hugs from another who would abuse the position).