It’s the kind of Monday where no matter how hard (or how little) you try, nothing is getting done on the word-front. That’s not so much a horoscope forecast as it is us projecting our unproductiveness onto you, dear reader.

If you are getting work done, then that’s great, but we think you can still spare a few minutes for the eye candy that is Lucas Bloms.

The 6’2″ model – who is now an instructor for Barry’s (isn’t that where all male models end up?) – previously flaunted his ripped bod for a number of nude editorials.

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His “clothed” work included dozens of gay brands which we’re sure were delighted to dress him in underwear with transparent crotches and tightly-fit lycra.

You miss Blom’s tight tooshie from a mile-off, due him having it branded “project bad ass”, but as you can see, there’s nothing bad about that fine butt.

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