Is the Sex And the City reboot so desperate to be inclusive that it’s rumoured to be shopping republican Caitlyn Jenner for an appearance?

We jolly well hope not.

A source has told tabloid The Mirror, “Caitlyn has been a media fixture in one way or another for going on 50 years. She’s really perfect for an appearance.”

Although it sounds highly-likely the “source” is Jenner’s publicist, we couldn’t help but wonder… why they couldn’t find a more talented, likeable trans woman? We’ll start by dropping Laverne Cox, Dominique Jackson, MJ Rodriguez and Isis King names into the ring…

All of which would be even more ‘diverse’ than another white woman. Not to mention one of the most privileged trans women on the planet.

The source continued, “They want new faces for the show, but they want people viewers actually know and care about too.”

And so it makes zero sense that they would cast Jenner. As the pitiful ratings of her own reality show proved, nobody cares.

We’re certain the show will be far more diverse than the original without resorting to hiring non-actors for the sake of it. (Sorry, that includes Geri Horner/Halliwell).