The ‘straight pride’ organisers Super Happy Fun America won’t be having that much super happy fun from behind bars. Well, in any other state at least.

It turns out the anti-LGBTQ alliance sponsored 11 buses to transport Trump supporters to Washington DC ahead of the riots at the Capitol, which ultimately led to the deaths of 5 people.

Being the highly intelligent beings that they are, the FBI didn’t even have to look further than their own Twitter page for evidence that convicted them of their involvement.

Sue Ianni – one of the directors of the group – previously boasted about how 300 of their members had filled up the buses and partook in the act of terrorism.

She, and founder Mark Sahady, have now been arrested. Where’s that violin we keep in a matchbox?

The Boston Herald reported that pair were arrested, on charges of disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and entering or remaining in the US Capitol building unlawfully.

Sahady was later released, surrendering his passport, and banned from leaving the state and organising any demonstrations.

Ianni must follow similar rules until her appearance in federal court later this month.