A Washington-based mother is being accused of assault after reportedly following her son to a Grindr meet, with another man in tow, and then beating and robbing the victim.

Branndi McCarter, 39, pleaded not guilty last week in Kitsap County Superior Court to charges from the November 2019 incident, where she is accused of beating the man with a distinctive club.

And apparently this is her weapon of choice, as McCarter is also accused of hitting a woman in the head with a club in March of the same year, during a road-rage incident.

The female victim said the club looked like “something bought at a spiritual, hippie or witchcraft store,” while the Grindr host described it has having a dragon’s head on it.

He reports that the lad had arrived to his house, and shortly after they began having sex, heard loud bangs on the door. The mother and male counterpart barged into his home, claimed her son was under 18 and he could go to jail for soliciting a minor.

However, what could seem like a nosey mother acting out of overprotection, comes into question when the son joined his mother and friend in beating the man, demanding money, and ransacking his house.

Was he just scared? Or was this actually a twisted ploy whereby a mother pimps out her son in order to extort his partners.

Investigators noted that the mother knew the man’s age (30) and claimed her son was 15 at the time, making the man a pedophile. However, the actual age of her son has not been reported yet.