Two Christians in Australia are feeling the snub after a foster agency rejected them as applicants to be parents after they revealed they thought you could change a child’s sexuality. Byron and Keira Hordyk, who live in Perth, are now suing Wanslea Family Services.

While being assessed, the Hordyk’s said they believed that homosexuality was a sin and attraction to the same sex could be resisted. (Ironically, we’re pretty sure their surname is pronounced “Whore-dyke”?)

They insisted that their beliefs wouldn’t hinder their ability to raise a child, while in the same breath informing the interviewer that they would assist a queer child in “overcoming” their sexuality.

Australia Hordyks couple

It’s been widely-reported that religious practices which attempt to pray the gay way – much like conversion therapy – are both mentally and emotionally detrimental to the child in question.

And so, rightly, Wanslea Family Services informed the Hordyk’s that they couldn’t provide s safe living environment and had been rejected.

Byron Hordyk said: “We do feel we have been discriminated against and also we felt that if we were quiet about this and didn’t say anything about it, it could potentially harm or limit any people with the same Christian values as ours from fostering.

“We hold traditional Christian values on how the Bible teaches us on sexuality and marriage.

“We stated it from the beginning. We are not here to hide behind it. Everyone – particularly with a divisive issue – is afraid of being put into the realm of public opinion in a negative light. And my beliefs are strong enough that this might be my cross to bear.”

Yeah, you’re really doing the Lord’s work. Tosser.