If there were an award for the most frequent ass-baring, Tyler Posey would snatch that.

The recent celeb addition to OnlyFans – who celebrated his sign-up with some ass shots – has a new film out, and guess what? He’s naked!

Alone centres around a zombie apocalypse of which Posey’s hairy crack is at the centre of.

From the Google:

“After a global pandemic erupts, a man barricaded all alone at home and rationing food sets out to try to rescue a female neighbor after swarming hordes of undead Screamers overrun their apartment complex.”

Mixed reviews. We presume the 5-star ones were for Tyler’s tooshie and the 2-star ones were for the plot. J/k, J/k… we’re sure it’s a zombie film with substance.

Although at this rate, Posey’s gonna have to show d**k on his OnlyFans just to keep the subs coming.

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