Oh my… 

Celebs change their look – especially hair – a lot, but it’s not always newsworthy. Listen, when I say that Antoni is looking so fine I actually SAW this photo, paused to witness the fitness, and then kept scrolling, automatically assumed it was one of the many, many Instafamous thirst-traps I follow. 

(Perhaps he wasn’t immediately recognisable because he has a mask over his face too… but we can just tell he’s upgraded himself to the snack of the day). 

Queer Eye‘s Food Guy is known for sprucing up his contestant’s diets, but we thought of another way he can help prevent my snacking…? Hold me down and choke me.

I was never a fan of whatever that ‘do he had before was, (let’s call it “model swish”), but it also goes to show you that you certainly don’t need designer shirts for sex appeal either.