While nightclubs are still shut in the UK, apparently in Atlanta it’s safe to sweaty your tits off in a confined space for hours on end. 

A video of the circuit party at Heretic went viral last week showing DJ Dan Slater playing to a packed club partying with no PPE. 

(We can’t bear another 10-minute apology video)

The club’s owner Alan Collins initially said the club would remain open (why is this still legal in America?!) despite reported cases of COVID-19 at his venue… but has now – finally – backtracked and cancelled all future events.

“Out of an abundance of caution,” Collins wrote, “we have decided to postpone all scheduled events until further notice so we can continue to gather more information and adjust our operation accordingly.”

Surely just basic-level of caution would have been closing the club from the beginning?

Collins had previously said it was a “very confusing and difficult time for nightlife [owners]”. OK – so let’s break this down simply…

If your non-essential business involves hundreds of people in close-proximity, all sweating and kissing… STAY CLOSED.

Needless to say, cases of COVID-19 in Atlanta has soared since easing lockdown restrictions in April.

Not the First Time

At the start of the epidemic, a number of attendees to the Winter Party in Miami contracted the virus, with at least three of them dying.