17 Steamiest Supernatural Gay Scenes From TV

This Pride Month our friends over at Mr. Man are counting down the top ten sexiest gay scenes in television history! Whether gay or straight, these actors shed their inhibitions (not to mention their underwear) to bring the most explicit, influential, and iconic gay scenes ever filmed for the small screen. You’ll literally NEVER believe which A-list duo nabbed the number one spot…

10- Brian Jordan Alvarez and Ryan O’Connell in Special

This groundbreaking series about O’Connell’s real-life experiences as a gay man thriving with mild cerebral palsy includes one of the most realistic and awkwardly sexy gay sex scenes ever when he hires a smoking hot escort played by Alvarez.

9- Dyllon Burnside and Billy Porter in Pose

Producer Ryan Murphy assembled one of the most diverse casts in TV history for his 80s ballroom drama Pose. In the show’s most shocking scene, living legend Billy Porter has passionate sex with the openly gay actor Dyllon Burnside! Category is: Anal.

8- Dylan Vox, Josh Collins, and More in Dante’s Cove

No show has reveled in its unabashed smuttiness quite like the supernatural gay series Dante’s Cove. But this show is more than just cheeky… It’s penis-y!

7 – Andrew Rannells and Corey Stoll in Girls

Sure it’s called Girls, but this HBO series was all about the boys when gay actor Andrew Rannells took hilariously strict orders from bossy bottom Corey Stoll.

6 – Jack Falahee and Niko Pepaj in How to Get Away With Murder

No network show has delivered more graphic gay content than ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder, and we have the gorgeous star Jack Falahee to thank. Thanks for turning network TV into netWERK TV!

5 – Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff in Looking

During their wildly hot sex scene, Groff pounds out Tovey until both men explode in sweaty moan-filled ecstasy! It’s so real, you’ll feel like you’re really there bare.

4 – Omid Abtahi and Mousa Kraish in American Gods

This show made headlines when Mousa Kraish, playing a fire-eyed god, topped Omid Abtahi with his huge CGI penis in a gay sex scene lasting over four minutes!

3 – Max Jenkins and Colby Keller in High Maintenance

Gay porn star Colby Keller shows his world-famous package after banging Max Jenkins from behind in dazzling slow-motion.  

2 – Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten in True Blood

The two A-listers shocked True Blood fans by practically mauling each other in the show’s most memorable gay sex scene. 

1 – Aidan Gillen and Charlie Hunnam in Queer as Folk

A true classic, the Gen-Z’s will never know the impact. Barely legal and fully twinky Charlie Hunnam gets his ass tended to by Game of Thrones star Aidan Gillen’s tongue!