He’s everyone’s favourite Franco brother, (isn’t he?) and Dave turns 35 today, so we’re looking revisiting all of his risqué moments; as if imaging him and Zac Efron being Neighbours didn’t send the filthy gutter of our mind into overdrive already.

His brother James Franco may be more publicly recognised, but we know which one we’d rather get drunk and fondle. Check out this semi-NSFW compilation of the actor’s hottest, sweatiest moments!

Firstly, there was that time he fucked himself:

Which was only slightly hotter than watching him fuck a woman:

Or a woman demonstrating how to fuck him:

There’s definitely a reason he’s not shy of flaunting his buns:

He’s also skilled in puppetry of the penis:

Even Zac Efron wants a piece:

Then there’s all of them shirtless moments: