It’s nothing new for trans women of colour to be harassed and assaulted, but thankfully these two women were not having it.

When they were verbally abused in a restaurant they decided to take their power back and kick the shit out the transphobes.

It begins when one of the men slides into their booth, saying “I’d like to sit with a lady,” in Spanish. One of the ladies pushes him out laughing. But the abuse continues – and subsequently crosses the line – when one of them begins to ask about their genitalia. At which point, one of the women confronts him to be more respectful of trans – and cis – women.

But it’s when the other calls them ‘faggots’ that things become physical.

The men attempt to hit back but ultimately the women are ones who leave one man flat out of the floor and the other seriously dazed. And there’s not really much else to say, other than YAAAAAS!

So much respect for these women standing up for themselves and the community against two vile, pathetic men. Although respect for any trans women who are brave enough to just live as themselves on a daily basis.