Dan Levy is making sure Schitt’s Creek goes out with a bang; and a queer one at that.

While we’re waiting excitedly for one of the best comedies in years to banish our winter blues when it arrives on Netflix, January 7th, showrunner Levy is ensuring the hype is in full swing. Levy uploaded a snap of the show’s latest billboard, which went on display in Hollywood this week; in it, Levy smooches his onscreen lover Patrick (Noah Reid) and we smell a hilarious wedding coming our way…

Sharing the image to Twitter, Levy wrote: “F*ck yes we did. Shine bright, friends. Very grateful for Pop TV and CBC and their support on this campaign that my teenage self would never have dreamed to be true.”

I’m not crying. I’m not crying.

OK, I’m actually not crying, but that’s so damn sweet, and I’m pretty certain I will throughout season 6, whether that be with laughter or from loneliness, I’m not quite sure… Can’t wait!