Only an idiot would look at a plan that has failed twice previously and decide to adopt it for themselves; which is why Straight Pride organisers are attempting another Straight Pride. Stop trying to make it happen, it’s not going to happen.

Super Happy Fun America who arranged the first event in Boston is touring the shitshow to Dallas; the anti-LGBTQ group (who didn’t look super happy or fun when their hundreds of supporters were outnumbered by thousands of queer people) claims that heterosexuals are oppressed, and use their events to promote the discrimination of LGBTQ people.

OUT writes: Sites such as the Independent and Buzzfeed have linked Super Happy Fun America to alt-right groups like Resist Marxism, a violent white-supremacist hate group. 

They also state the parade will bring “attention to the sexualization and corruption of America’s children,” which is a clear insinuation that queer people are paedophiles and perverts, which as anyone with half a brain knows is the projection of actual kiddie fiddlers.

Best believe if I lived near Dallas, I’d be there with feather boas and bells on twerking in Alan’s face. (I don’t know Alan, he just sounds like a straight white knobhead that could live in Texas).